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Paul David Solomon, LCSW

Listen With Your Heart
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Its All About Love
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Mana E! helps transform your life

Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually, so that you can once again shine forth as the divine light that you truly are. So that you can manifest that light in the world and be a source of blessings to others. It allows you to uncover the truth of your calling in life, embrace your gifts and talents, and feel empowered. As you shine forth in the world from your true nature, you fulfill your calling to create a world of divine love, peace, joy and blessings.

So if you feel guided to empower your life, embody your life’s purpose and connect more fully with your true essence, then let’s work together as you awaken into the divine being that you are.

With Aloha,

“Paul’s energy work is amazing. The moment he touched my head, I felt as if enveloped by Light. His presence and intention to facilitate healing, opened the space and possibility for magic to occur. When the session was over, I [felt] blissful. Thank You, Paul!”

Evita Ramparte

Health Journalist

Paul offers in-person sessions on Maui, HI. 

Skype and phone sessions internationally

Spiritual Retreats, Sacred Ceremonies and Seminars 

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Watch the video of Paul’s talk at the Maui’s Seasons for Peace: Peace Heroes Award Ceremony and Interfaith Service Ceremony. (Click  the bottom right corner of the video to view full screen.) 


The Hawaiian word for spiritual power and empowerment. Mana is our ability to act in the world in ways that nurture life, heal our wounds and awaken us to our true nature. Mana is our spiritual essence and the power of Divine Love.


Paul SolomonThe Hawaiian word for love, compassion, kindness, and grace. (“Plenty Aloha” is Hawaiian pidgin for “plenty of aloha.”) The web of life is made of threads of love. Love is what we are. It is Aloha that heals all wounds. It is Aloha which helps us to open our hearts and to reclaim our true essence, which is Divine Truth, Beauty and Love.

Grace pours down upon us, flowing forth from the Source that we all are. We access this Divine Grace and manifest it; and when we allow it to flow into all aspects of our lives, then we live in grace, divine abundance, love, joy and peace.